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Upstate Canine Academy, Tom Davis International, and No Bad Dogs.™ are not responsible for the delivery of packages. Once your order is shipped, we will not process a refund for lost or stolen packages. No exceptions. For any questions regarding tracking or the whereabouts of a package, the customer is responsible for contacting USPS for further details and/or to open a claim.

We HIGHLY recommend purchasing Priority Mail shipping so your order is insured up to $100.00 USD. 


Please note that international orders can take longer to deliver. No Bad Dogs. is NOT responsible for shipping deliveries/delays due to customs or transfers from USPS to the local carriers in your country, and delays once the package is in USPS hands. 

No Bad Dogs.™ is NOT responsible for any taxes or customs fees your order may incur when receiving an international package. 


If you paid for extra package insurance via Route, please reach out to them for any shipping inquiries. 


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