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Tom's detailed courses cover foundation training, reactivity, and advanced e-collar training! You can purchase our courses here: https://tom-davis-international.teachable.com/

The Kickstart Course teaches foundation training and the beginning steps of working with any dog. Build your relationship and control through obedience.

The Reactive to Neutral Course takes Tom's expertise in dog behavior and offers a detailed course to improve your dog's reactivity. There are several things to address when fixing your dog's reactivity including your dog's body language, your handling, timing, using training collars effectively, and much more. Bring your dog from reactive to neutral with Tom's help!

The E-collar Course is step-by-step instructions showing how to introduce the e-collar as a communication tool. In some cases, owners have improperly used the e-collar which can cause more harm than good. Training your dog properly on the collar is critical to ensure positive association and clear communication. 


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